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                  发布时间:2018/9/19 2:52:05

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                  events >>more

                  winter vacation tips

                  winter vacation tips the winter vacation is around the corner, we wish all the international students a happy winter vacation and happy spring festival! here are...

                  university notification?

                  university notification this is to inform all the students that : 1.any student leaving the university campus before 26th jan 2018 (starting date of winter vacat...


                  general introduction of shanxi university of tcm:

                  shanxi university of traditional chinese medicine (sutcm), was officially established in 1989 with the approval of chinese ministry of education. it was authorized to grant bachelor’s degree in 2001, to enroll international students in 2002 and to enroll students from taiwan, hong kong and macau in 2008.sutcm became the only awarded the unit (point) project construction university to grant doctoral degree in shanxi province in 2017.

                  after a steady development and growth of over 30 years, sutcm, a prestigious higher education institute with distinctive characteristics in the filed of chinese medicine, has established itself as the center for research and innovation, cultivation of talents, health care, social service and cultural inheritance. learning and teaching, research, medicare and production are perfectly integrated here. it is also an international collaboration base authorized by chinese ministry of science and technology and one of the first pioneer universities to reform teaching plans for the education of excellent medical workers.

                  sutcm now has two campuses located in taiyuan and jinzhong, covering a total area of over 74 hectares with a floor area of 0. 37 million square kilometers. located in beautiful surroundings, it features buildings with unique and distinctive style, statue of fushan, cultual relievos about chinese medicine, a fantastic lake, a herbal garden etc.

                  it also features a library with a collection of 845,000 books, 380,000 kinds of electronic books, and 28 electronic resource databases, constituting a most advanced electronic library service system.

                  the one and only apartment for international students in shanxi province is right here.

                  sutcm, with 9,145 registered students on campus, among whom 620 are master’s degree students, is composed of 14 colleges. it offers 23 undergraduate majors, covering a wide range of fields in medicine, science, engineering, management and agriculture, among which there is one unique discipline at state level, three at provincial level and four at university level as well as a pioneer project. it also boasts 3 level i post-graduate stations, 16 level ii post-graduate stations.

                  sutcm also has

                  --3 direct affiliated hospitals, among which the second hospital is characterized by its strong comprehensiveness, the third by its world-renowned new nine needles and the hospital of integrated tcm and wm by its advanced medical equipment.

                  --6 national key academic disciplines

                  --10 key academic disciplines by the state administration of traditional chinese medicine.

                  sutcm boasts a team of structurally reasonable faculty which includes

                  --over 3,000 teachers.

                  --134 full professors.

                  --1 national great tcm master.

                  --3 academicians of chinese academy of science and chinese academy of engineering.

                  --4 fushan scholars.

                  --14 prominent educators in shanxi.

                  --15prominent tcm doctors in shanxi.

                  sutcm provides strong scientific and technical support and a positive academic atmosphere for international education with its well-developed infrastructure, sophisticated laboratories facilities, state funded key research and development projects, ample research funds, well-qualified supervising teams of senior scholars, and world-wide international cooperation and exchange programs.

                  school scenery >>more



                  xinglin gymnasium

                  museum of tcm

                  heji academy

                  renji academy

                  fushan square

                  hospital of university park